Preserving Byron Bay’s Community: Why We’re Embracing the 60-Day Short-Term Rental Cap

Our hometown of Byron Bay has long been a sought-after destination for holidaymakers. If you’re like us, you adore this coastal paradise for its beauty and vibrant spirit. However, the rise of short-term rentals has sparked a crucial conversation about housing availability and affordability in the region.

Housing in Byron is a hot topic, with more holiday rentals meaning less space for permanent homes, hiking up prices and making it trickier for locals to find a stable place to call home. This shortage has also led to an alarming rental stress rate, with half of the shire’s residents paying more than 30% of their income toward rent.

Starting September 23 2024, some changes are coming to our short-term rental scene, aiming to strike a balance between sustainable tourism and housing concerns. Many properties in the Shire will now have a cap of 60 days for non-hosted Short-Term Rental Accommodations (STRA) in a year, down from the current cap of 180 days. The changes do not affect hosted STRA where the host lives on the premises and some select areas of Byron Bay and Brunswick Heads with high tourism appeal. It’s about finding that sweet spot between welcoming visitors and making sure we have enough homes for everyone.

We all know tourism is vital for our little slice of paradise, but these new regulations aim to find that balance. By embracing these changes, we’re working towards keeping Byron Bay vibrant, accessible, and inclusive for everyone. It’s about preserving what makes this place special while making sure there’s room for both locals and visitors.

What It Means for Property Owners and Visitors


For some property owners, the cap on short-term rentals means a significant shift in their rental approach, possibly steering back toward traditional long-term leases. In select areas of Byron Bay and Brunswick Heads, some properties will be able to operate without a cap, preserving the tourism that’s become an integral part of our community culture.

For visitors planning their Byron Bay stays, and in particular those eyeing rentals within capped areas, availability is likely to be limited when the cap comes into enforcement in late September 2024. The good news is that majority of the holiday properties we offer to gusts are in the high tourism precincts exempt from the cap, and will be available all year round. Due to these changes we’d advise booking your preferred accommodation well in advance, with the number and availability of vacation rental homes in Byron Bay decreasing. Booking early not only guarantees a place to stay but also allows visitors to lock in favorable rates and secure their preferred dates during peak travel seasons.

The decision made by our council regarding short-term rentals is sparking interest beyond Byron Bay itself. In response, other Australian councils are considering similar measures, aiming to strike a balance between tourism and community needs. It’s likely we will see similar short-term rental caps in other regions across the country in the years to come.

We Support the Short-Term Rental Cap Changes


As a family business made up of Byron Bay locals, our team celebrates the recent decision to implement rental caps, recognising this as a crucial step towards fortifying our community’s well-being.

For far too long, our region has grappled with a chronic undersupply of homes, especially in the realm of affordable and diverse housing. The pressing reality of homelessness within our town, surpassing even the numbers in major cities like Sydney, starkly highlights the gravity of the housing crisis we face. There’s a huge number of people, including women and children, residing in cars and vans revealing the urgent need for change.

The regulation emerges as a necessity for safeguarding our residential spaces. This shift promises support for permanent housing in our region, offering relief to essential workers and long-term residents who have been progressively priced out of their own community. The ripple effect of this change extends beyond housing; it reverberates within our local businesses, where the scarcity of housing directly impacts our ability to attract and retain a dedicated workforce.

We love Byron as much as you and we stand united with the community in embracing this pivotal moment in ensuring its sustainability and inclusivity for generations to come.


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